Minathi Consulting
Minathi Consulting is a South African multi disciplinary Consulting and engineering practice formed in 2008. Minathi Consulting Offers services in the following fields Project Management, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Regional Town planning.

Minathi Consulting is currently operating In KwaZulu Natal with the aim of expanding its operations through out Sothern Africa. Our staffs are highly motivated and aim to always provide the best services to our clients and partners. Minathi Consulting aims to tackle both large and small projects aim the public and private sectors.

Our Services
. Civil Engineering
. Pant Hire
. Structural Engineering
. Quantity Survey
. Regional Town planning
. Municipal Engineering
. Project Management
. Facilitations and Operations Asset Management
. Traffic and Transportation Management

Contractor Detail
CRS Number:                                                            258968   Status: Active
Contractor Name:                                                 MINATHI CONSULTING
Type of Enterprise:                                               Closed Corporation
Trading Name:                                                        MINATHI CONSULTING
Expiry Date: 2023/02/21

Contractor Grades
Grade: 2GB PE, Update Date:
Grade: 6CE PE, Update Date:
Grade: 2ME PE, Update Date:
Grade: 2SB PE, Update Date:
Grade: 2SQ PE, Update Date